Five Tips to Survive a Winter Move

moving during winterIf you are planning a move within the United States or cross-country during winter, then apart from dealing with the usual moving complications, you will also need to deal with the cold weather. Rain and snowfalls are common so you will need to be prepared for rough weather conditions that can impact your moving. We would strongly recommend that you avoid doing it yourself and hire an expert mover when you are moving to New York from California.

Here are five easy ways to cut the stress and survive a winter move:

#1 Watch the Weather Forecasts

If you have a winter move planned, make sure you check the weather forecasts. During winter months, the temperatures can fluctuate suddenly and it also gets dark earlier so plan your trip to your new location accordingly. If there are chances or thunderstorms or bad weather conditions predicted by experts then consider rescheduling your move to stay safe.

#2 Clear the Driveways and Sidewalks

On your moving day, make sure you shovel or plow to clear any snow or sleet of ice covering the sidewalks and driveways. Accumulated snow will block the way of the large trucks that arrive at your location to move your stuff. If there are stars outdoors then make sure they are not covered in snow or dirt as this would make it difficult for the movers to do their job efficiently.

#3 Avoiding Slips Due to Snow or Ice

When moving in winter always carry rag clothes and old towels that you can use to wipe away snow and dirt that cake your shoes. You can also use them to clean the slippery surfaces to avoid slips during transit.

#4 Keep Emergency Supplies Handy

When moving in winter, always keep some emergency supplies handy to help you if you are stuck on the road due to the bad weather. Keep a shovel, emergency kit, first aid, blankets, snacks, and water handy.

#5 Keep Outdoor Lighting On During Winter

In the winter season, sun sets earlier and you cannot tell how long it might take you to reach your new location in case the weather turns unfavorable.  Make sure there is enough outdoor lighting in your old home as well as in your new location to make your move easier. You need to plan this in advance to ensure that utilities in your new home are on when you arrive there. You would of course not want to be without heat or electricity in your new location.

Most importantly, it is important that you hire a reputed  moving company that helps you when you moving to New York from California. There is no short supply of moving companies in the country, but we would recommend that you do not hire the first one you come across.

To get the best of services and ensure that your winter move turns out to be smooth, talk to your moving company and plan your move together. You may also want to ask about insurance, staff experience in handling fragile items, hidden charges if any, estimated cost, and so on.

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