Benefits of Cannabis You Never Knew About

Benefits of Cannabis Canada
Source: Health Europa

Cannabis has always enjoyed increasing popularity for recreational purposes. Recent studies and research have discovered the medicinal properties of the compound. A large number of states have started legalizing the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. Patients can buy medication from online dispensary to use this alternative treatment for their health concerns. Here are some of the lesser-known benefits of the herb.

Stop the growth of cancer cells

A study found that cannabis can prevent cancer and slow down the spread of cancer cells. It is found that marijuana works to reduce the growth of tumor in breast, lungs and brain to a great extent.

Prevent Alzheimer’s

The active compound present in cannabis, THC is known to lower the growth of Alzheimer’s disease according to a study. It slows down the growth of plaques that kill brain cells and cause the disease.

Provide relief from arthritis

Research has shown that marijuana is responsible for reducing pain and inflammation and providing relaxation, thereby helping arthritis sufferers get relief from discomfort and pain. A study involved giving a cannabis-based pain control medicine to arthritis patients who reported reduced pain and better quality of sleep after two weeks.

Control Seizures

According to a study, use of cannabis can control seizures caused by epilepsy. When epileptic rats were given marijuana extract, seizures were seen to be stopping in 8-10 hours. Studies have found that THC controls the seizures through regulation of brain cells that control excitement and promote relaxation.

Help with multiple sclerosis

Cannabis is known to lessen the muscle pain and neurological effects caused by multiple sclerosis. A number of studies have been conducted to study the effectiveness of marijuana in treating the painful symptoms of this disorder. Patients suffering from such conditions can visit Get White Palm to purchase cannabis products and give them a try.

Provide relief from the symptoms of Crohn’s disease

Marijuana can also benefit people suffering from Crohn’s disease, the inflammatory bowel problem causing diarrhea, pain, vomiting and more. A recent study indicated that using cannabis can reduce the symptoms of this disorder and even cure it. The cannabinoids present in the plant help the function of the gut to relieve these symptoms.

Reduce the symptoms of Dravet’s Syndrome

Marijuana can prove helpful in treating the symptoms of this disorder that causes seizures. A 5-year old girl was treated with high-CBD strain of cannabis and her seizures reduced from 300 to 1 every week. Practitioners have started recommending this treatment as the cannabinoids in the plant work with the brain to calm the activities causing seizures.

Reduce anxiety

Researchers have found that cannabis can help decrease anxiety and its symptoms and provide relief to the patients. When taken in low doses, marijuana improves the mood and provides relaxation.

Reduce the adverse effects of chemotherapy

Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy can benefit from medical cannabis to a great extent. These people suffer from intense pain, vomiting, nausea and appetite loss. These problems can lead to health complications. Medical marijuana is known to help reduce these adverse effects by boosting appetite, decreasing pain and nausea and improving the overall well-being of these patients.

Protect the brain after a stroke

Numerous animal studies suggest that cannabis helps keep the brain protected from stroke damage by decreasing the area affected by it. Several other research has shown how the compound helps take care of the brain post traumatic events.