Welcome to our tribute site, the PeterSellersAppreciationSociety.com. There is no question that Peter Sellers (who passed away in 1980) was a complex and brilliant actor and comedian. One of the funniest things I can recall (in his series of the Pink Panther movies) is commonly referred to as simply “Does Your Dog Bite” – which I’m including below. It is a scene in “The Pink Panther Strikes Again” (1976).

The funny part is when Inspector Clouseau (played by Sellers) sees a dog on the floor, and asks the man behind the counter if his dog bites. The guy says no, but then the dog bites Clouseau, who, outraged says, “I thought you said your dog doesn’t bite!” To which the guy says, “That is not my dog.”

You have to see it to appreciate it. Here it is!